Government Control, Not Gun Control

After Recent Waco Revelations, Congress Needs to Hear:
“Government Control, Not Gun Control”

(Wednesday, September 8, 1999) — If you have been following the news lately, you have no doubt heard how the Waco cover up is unraveling– revealing one lie after another:

  • Six years ago, the FBI denied use of incendiary devices the day the fire killed 86 Davidians in 1993. From top to bottom, the agency consistently denied having fired anything into the Davidians’ building that could have possibly started the fatal fire. But now, the FBI has fessed up to two pyrotechnic devices which would be capable of sparking a fire. This may be just the tip of the iceberg, as news reports have indicated that other incendiary devices were fired as well.
  • The FBI had steadfastly denied that any military were present the day the building burned. But evidence is now mounting that Delta Force soldiers were present at Waco with Clinton Administration authorization and may have been part of the final actions at Waco.
  • The FBI has always maintained that what happened on that final day in Waco was “not an assault.” And yet, the FBI must now explain who was firing machine guns into the burning building toward the end of the raid. This was first set forth in the film, Waco: the Rules of Engagement, and has recently resurfaced again and again in the press– from media like The Washington Post and ABC’s Nightline.

Not only has the FBI admitted that some of its previous statements were false, there are now some officials who are even admitting to a government cover up. On August 31, the Dallas Morning News reported on one such bombshell, citing a Waco prosecutor who has confessed that lawyers within the FBI have “long withheld evidence” on what happened the day that Waco burned.

Interesting stuff, but what does all this have to do with gun control? Quite a bit, actually.

How can we trust the FBI to really be destroying gun records? The very FBI that has been less than forthright on what happened at Waco, is the same FBI that runs background checks on gun owners before they can buy a firearm from a gun dealer. It is also the same FBI that promises it will destroy any and all records of a gun sale, 90 days after it occurs.

But how can one really be sure they will? How can one be sure that no computer backup remains somewhere in that vast bureaucracy? Can one really believe that our government has no desire to keep such personal information on American citizens? Remember, this is the same FBI that maintained files on over 1000 Americans– whose personal information was then turned over to the Clinton White House.

Even the honest liberal has to admit one truly can’t be sure the government will always respect the rights of its citizens. That is the very reason we have a Bill of Rights. That great document assumes that public officials will not always act in the best interests of the people.

Congress Is Back

Washington is abuzz with the recent Waco revelations. ABC’s Nightline focused two entire programs on the subject last week, and a Congressional committee has reopened an investigation into the matter– issuing subpoenas to several key government officials.

Now that Washington’s collective mind is focused on official abuse, it’s a good time to remind your Congressmen why the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in the first place. And it’s is the perfect time to demand that they clean up their own house first, and leave alone the millions of decent Americans who will never use a gun in a crime.

Tell your Congressmen that we need “Government Control, Not Gun Control!”

ACTION: Now that your Representatives and Senators are back in the nation’s capital, please contact them. Ask them to support “government control” instead of gun control, and to vote against the juvenile crime bill (S. 254).

You can use the note below to fax or e-mail them, or call them toll-free at 1-888-449-3511. The regular number for the Capitol Switchboard is 202-225-3121. See  for fax and e-mail contact info.

What’s in the final version of the juvenile crime bill? Well, no one knows for sure, as House and Senate conferees have not yet reported the bill out of committee. But it’s probably safe to say that the final version of the bill will ban the private sale of firearms at gun shows, unless buyers submit to background registration checks. To see the other gun control provisions that passed as part of the Senate version of the crime bill (S. 254), please go to on the GOA web site. Any of these gun control provisions could be included in the final version of the bill.

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The recent revelations from Waco in the past couple of weeks have once again reminded the American public of one elementary truth: the government cannot always be trusted.

The very FBI that conducts background checks on law-abiding gun owners– and swears it is deleting these names– is the same FBI that has been caught telling lie after lie about Waco.

From ABC’s Nightline to The Washington Post to other media across the nation, the FBI’s credibility has been severely damaged by the latest admissions that pyrotechnic rounds were fired at Waco and that Delta forces were present as well. The FBI confessed to both of these facts recently after having denied them for many years.

This agency has had a tough time telling the truth. Am I supposed to believe the FBI is really destroying the information on gun owners that is provided to them through the instant registration check?

I can’t believe that in light of the FBI’s perfidy, the Congress is actually considering giving that agency more authority over gun owners!

I urge you to oppose any juvenile crime bill that comes out of the conference committee giving the FBI the power to conduct instant registration checks on buyers at gun shows.

Rather than give the FBI more control over decent Americans, we should be controlling the FBI.

Please support government control, not gun control. Please oppose all the gun control in S. 254. Thank you.


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