Battle To Save Gun Industry Moves To House

Battle to Save the Gun Industry Moves to the House
— Rep. Musgrave working to remove anti-gun amendment

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Last week, GOA alerted you to legislation passed in the Senate (S. 397) that will protect gun makers from frivolous lawsuits.

Unfortunately, S. 397 passed with some unwanted baggage — specifically, an amendment offered by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) requiring gun dealers to include a “lock-up-your-safety” device with every handgun sold.

In addition to imposing a “gun tax” on every handgun buyer, this amendment paves the way for future legislation mandating that gun owners use those trigger locks. Many gun owners don’t use locking devices because they want instant protection during a moment of crisis. That should be their choice.

So GOA is now working with Colorado Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R) to get this obnoxious provision stripped out of the bill. She will be sending a letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Tom DeLay, asking them to NOT approve the Senate bill.

Rather, the Musgrave letter asks these two leaders to push the House bill, H.R. 800, which provides lawsuit immunity for gun makers and sellers, without endangering average gun owners. H.R. 800 has been well received in the House, as it currently has a whopping 257 cosponsors.

Rep. Musgrave needs additional cosignatories before she sends her letter. And this is where we need your help.


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