Harry Reid Must Go!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gun Owners of America is backing Sharron Angle in the United States Senate race in Nevada, and we have compiled a list of 42 reasons why Harry Reid MUST be defeated.  

This is one of the top races in the country and one WE MUST WIN!  If any gun owner or sportsman has any doubt if Reid is pro-gun or anti-gun, just read the 42 Reasons to Defeat Reid, then decide.

Harry Reid will spend $25 million in his campaign to try and defeat Sharron Angle. I urge every pro-gun American to send Sharron Angle $25. If 1 million pro-gunners across the country do this, she will match Reid’s campaign war chest and WE WILL WIN!

So please, click www.sharronangle.com and click on “donate” to make a contribution.   

Nothing Americans do in this election will send a bigger message to the radical leftist, anti-gunners in the Congress THAN TO DEFEAT HARRY REID, THE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER!

Thank you for your help.


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman