GOA Denounces Kmart Ammunition Decision

Attention All Kmart Shoppers: GOA Now Has A Blue-light Special For You!
— GOA denounces Kmart decision to stop selling ammunition

(Friday, June 29, 2001) — Gun Owners of America today ridiculed the decision by Kmart to stop selling ammunition to its customers. In response to the Kmart retreat, GOA announced today that Kmart shoppers will be able to buy ammunition on the GOA website next month.

“This is a bad decision by Kmart executives,” said GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt. “They claim this an economic decision, but obviously their competitors at Walmart have not found that ammunition sales need to be dropped.

“Quite frankly, this is a politically correct move on the part of Kmart’s top brass who made the decision after meeting with the Million Misinformed Mommies — a group that was recently absorbed by Sarah Brady’s group.

“But Kmart shoppers need not worry. In about one month, they will be able to come to the GOA website and buy ammunition on our web mall,” Pratt said. “And unlike the situation at Kmart stores, shoppers on the GOA website will find better prices in a hassle- free environment where they will not have to compete for parking spaces or wait in long lines. Instead, their purchases will be delivered to their doors!”

ACTION: With Independence Day around the corner, this would be a good time to register your future “independence” from gun-hating executives at Kmart. To register your complaint with Kmart, please call Kmart President and CEO Charles Conaway at (248)463-1000.


A few gun owners have inquired today about the upcoming GOA “web mall.” It is unfortunate that Kmart made its announcement to discontinue selling handgun ammunition this month, since it comes about one month before the GOA web mall was ready to officially open its doors.

First, gun owners should understand that GOA WILL NOT BE SELLING GUNS AND AMMUNITION. GOA will only be hosting an electronic mall where retailers will actually do the selling. In about two to three weeks, GOA will send a general broadcast to as many retailers as possible, inviting them to come onto the GOA web mall. Those of you who sell firearms and related paraphernalia will be invited to advertise on the mall.

Basically, the mall will allow shoppers to go to one place on the internet (and see the different retailers in one place), rather than forcing shoppers to surf the internet on their own.

It needs to be emphasized that while GOA will be operating the mall, GOA will NOT be selling anything other than the books, T-shirts and such similar merchandise that it presently offers.

Again, if you are a seller of guns, ammunition or related items, you will be invited to come onto the web mall in about a month.

Until then, GOA would encourage activists to voice their concern to the Kmart management, and ask these executives to reconsider their decision regarding handgun ammunition. They now admit to being “inundated” by upset callers.

Keep up the good work!

P.S. After making your call to Kmart headquarters (248-463-1000), go ahead and drop them a line at the following address: ATTN: Charles Conaway, Kmart Resource Center, 3100 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084.