We are Winning… for Now!

“Gun Owners of America has been one of the key players in opposing the DISCLOSE Act.” — Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank you all for your hard work.  The DISCLOSE Act is on the ropes!

Here’s what The Washington Post reported this morning:

One of President Obama’s top legislative priorities is in serious doubt after top House Democrats’ attempt to satisfy the National Rifle Association backfired badly.

The Post says that “top Democrats abandoned plans for a Friday vote in the House” on the DISCLOSE Act after several Representatives and organizations “rose up against the deal with the NRA.”

Interestingly, the Post also reported that the intended beneficiaries of the deal — that is, the Blue Dog Democrats who were expected to drop their opposition to the DISCLOSE Act once the NRA dropped theirs — were still “spooked” by public resistance to the bill.

You can pat yourselves on the back knowing that you were a huge part of the outpouring of opposition that was generated this week.  You played a big role in “spooking” the politicians who are going to be soliciting your votes in November.

You should know that the sponsors of the bill are still looking for ways to resuscitate the legislation, so GOA will continue to keep you abreast of further developments.

But for now, enjoy the victory!

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