Rep. Bill Sali To Government Agency: “Always Think Freedom”

Rep. Bill Sali To Government Agency:
“Always Think Freedom”

Representative Bill Sali is introducing a bill to send a message to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) that freedom still means something in this country.

As part of its Asset Forfeiture training program for agents, the BATFE ordered 2,000 Leatherman tools inscribed with the words “Always Think Forfeiture.” The program urges agents to focus on seizing private property.

Rep Sali believes the agency should be thinking ‘Freedom,’ not ‘Forfeiture.’ The Idaho Republican complained about the program and recieved a letter from Acting ATF Director Michael Sullivan, who apologized for the “confusion” over the issue.

While Rep. Sali appreciated the apology, he said that, “My constituents deserve to know the truth about this marketing program, which has been interpreted by many Idahoans as anti-gun and anti-private property.”

The agency halted distribution of the tools in the face of public outcry, but “[t]he fact remains that the ATF thought it was OK to think ‘Always Think Forfeiture’ instead of focusing on protecting our constitutional rights,” Sali said.

In a letter to his fellow Congressmen, Sali noted that “the inscription raises serious concerns to law-abiding citizens as to the intent of an ATF agent who is performing investigations, particularly with respect to law-abiding gun owners.”

Rep. Sali plans to introduce the ‘Always Think Freedom’ bill sometime next week. The bill will prohibit the agency from making purchases of tool kits “on which any reminder of forfeiture appears.”