Bill Will Smooth Out-of-State Gun Purchases

Rep. Renzi Set To Introduce Bill Expediting Out-of-State Gun Purchases
— Ask your congressman to cosponsor the bill

Pro-gun Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ) is getting set to chip away at the mountain of gun control laws and regulations that are hampering gun owners in this country.

Under current law, a person who travels to, say, a gun show out-of-state and buys a handgun from a licensed dealer must have the firearm shipped to a second gun dealer in the buyer’s home state.

As gun control laws have been added piecemeal over the years, it has forced gun owners to deal with conflicting and redundant requirements. Furthermore, the interstate requirements for buying a gun have needlessly forced gun dealers to ship firearms via commercial carriers, thus subjecting them to being lost, damaged or stolen.

To counteract this, Rep. Renzi is set to introduce the Firearm Transfer Improvement Act in the next few days. Renzi says that because gun dealers must comply with the laws of two different states in addition to federal law, these regulations are both “redundant and costly.” It is bad enough that the national government has created an unconstitutional federal background check system, but we still have this 1968 interstate ban left over.

“My legislation simply states that federal law and the law of the state of the seller must be complied with for all firearms sales,” Renzi said. “It also applies the same rules to rifles and shotguns, which are currently handled differently than handguns.”

In other words, the Renzi bill will allow you to travel out-of-state to purchase firearms in a way that you have not been able to do since 1968. Imagine that you live in Virginia and you are traveling to Missouri for Christmas. You stop at a gun show in West Virginia to buy your mom and dad a matched pair of commemorative Colt .45s.

Had you made the purchase in your home state, you could only have done so after a lengthy process, as Virginia has an ill-advised one-handgun-a-month law. But since you are making the purchase in West Virginia, you simply have to comply with the laws in the SELLER’S state (under the language in the Renzi bill). Hence, assuming you are not a prohibited person, you can buy the guns from the dealer, continue traveling to the state of your destination with your new purchases and enjoy Christmas with your family. (No shipping costs or waiting periods apply!)


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