Senator Reid Trying to Resuscitate Gun Registration

Help GOA put heat on Senators while they’re home on recess!


“Larry Pratt with the Gun Owners of America is effective. I don’t deal with them myself, but the fact is, they are effective.”  F-rated Congressman Peter King (R-NY), April 4, 2013

You guys won a tremendous victory two weeks ago. And the press had all but written off President Obama as having been dealt a major, crushing blow.
But now, the Left is relentlessly hammering those Senators who voted right. They are running ads in their states. Their minions are writing letters to the editor. They are using their platform in the media to relentlessly hammer those who voted for freedom.
And while all this is happening, look at what the New York Times reported on Thursday:

“Talks to revive gun control legislation are quietly under way on Capitol Hill as a bipartisan group of senators seeks a way to bridge the differences that led to last week’s collapse … to overhaul the country’s gun laws.”

This is why we can’t rest on our laurels. We need your assistance in every way imaginable.
Plus, we have to stay active, and keep contacting each and every Senator.
The message is the same: No gun control! Not one word of gun registration, background checks or infringements. Nothing!
Can’t remember how your Senator voted? GOA has posted all the votes on its site.
And while you’re the GOA site, please help us with whatever you can to help us stay in this fight.
We are so close to winning, but fighting gun control is very expensive. The Hill newspaper told Senators this past Wednesday:

“Gun Owners of America, which also vigorously fought the Senate bill, spent more than $313,000 on lobbying this past quarter, an increase over [what] they dropped at this point in 2012.”

So don’t give up. Please help GOA stay engaged!
ACTION: Congress is out of session this week. So please make sure that you visit your Senators when they are home  go to their town hall meetings … call their local district offices … write letters to the editor … do everything you can to make your voice heard.
Thank those who voted right. Rebuke those who voted wrong.
You can see how your Senators voted over the past two weeks by going here.