Senate To Consider Anti-Self-Defense Agenda Soon

Senate To Take Up Anti-Self Defense Agenda Soon
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(Tuesday, April 25, 2000) — Get ready for another round. At the beginning of next week, the U.S. Senate will take up its education bill, and anti-gun zealots are planning 30 to 40 anti-gun amendments to that bill in furtherance of their assault on the Second Amendment. But, tragically, some supposed “pro-gun” senators are cooperating with the prohibitionist strategy.

Aides are urging Majority Leader Trent Lott to do nothing to prohibit consideration of anti-gun amendments. While we have yet to see a full list of the anti-gun abominations which we could be fighting, it is possible that Second Amendment advocates will face proposals that would:

* require registration of gun owners with the government;

* impose a one-gun-a-month limit on gun purchasers;

* establish a ban on handguns which are unacceptable to the government (so-called “Saturday night specials”); and

* redefine “armor piercing bullets” in such a way that most ammunition could be outlawed.

What is even worse is that, rather than fighting to ensure that none of these travesties can be offered, some hapless Republicans are developing another “gun control lite” package of so-called “pro-gun” restrictions on your Second Amendment rights — many of the same restrictions that passed as part of the juvenile crime bill.

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“One bit of intelligence that supposedly justified the assault — ‘dynamic entry’ is the term of art — on the [Gonzalez’] house was the possibility that there might be weapons inside…. Is ‘dynamic entry’ justified whenever the government has some business to conduct with an American household and suspects that occupants of the household may be exercising their Second Amendment right to own a gun?”
— George F. Will, “The Raid in Little Havana,” The Washington Post, 4/25/00

It is said that a “picture is worth a thousand words.” Indeed, the now-famous picture from last weekend is a stern reminder of why we don’t need more federal agents enforcing even more laws. We certainly don’t need Project Exile or any other program that would give federal goon squads more power to break down doors and harass good Americans.

In a letter sent to The Washington Post, a letter which the paper still has yet to run, Dr. Norbert Bikales compares last week’s home invasion to a similar event he experienced in a Berlin apartment more than 60 years ago — when the Nazis came to his house and took his father and brother.

“But unlike the Clinton-Reno goons who first gained admittance by breaking down the door,” Dr. Bikales says, “even the Gestapo men who came that night rang the door bell, wore no masks, spoke quietly, and did not remove their sidearms from their holsters.” Oh, how far we have fallen!