Anti-gun Democrats Pressuring Toomey to Support Gun Restrictions

Contact his office and counter-protest against CeaseFirePA! {flike}

[blockquote] “With the Senate set to take up a major gun-control bill as early as next week, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has quietly reached out to conservative Sen. Pat Toomey for support on expanding background [registration] checks on all gun sales.” – Politico, April 5, 2013 [/blockquote]

Senator Pat Toomey is being pressured to sell out the Second Amendment to anti-gun zealot Chuck Schumer and Second Amendment turncoat Joe Manchin.

Senator Schumer has made a career of trapping hapless Republican senators into betraying their party. He is a ruthless partisan, whose siren-song for GOP sell-outs bears a substantial responsibility for the Senate still being in Democratic hands.

Senator Manchin was the “best friend of the Second Amendment” on November 5 – and its worst enemy on November 7. His capacity for stabbing his constituents in the back the moment they have elected him to a six-year term has added a new term to the lexicon: “pulling a Manchin.”

If Toomey allows Schumer, Manchin, and Obama to use him to “break the back of the gun lobby,” he will have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory – as we are very close to defeating ALL gun control in the Senate, if the Republicans will only stick to their guns and support the Paul-Cruz-Lee filibuster.

As you know, these three Republican Senators – Rand Paul (KY), Ted Cruz (TX) and Mike Lee (UT) – have publicly committed to filibustering gun control in the Senate.

Not only that, there are now more than a dozen Senators who have committed to filibustering any anti-Second Amendment legislation.

But Toomey’s name is not listed among them!

By filibustering gun control and keeping it from even coming to the floor, Harry Reid won’t have two weeks to score political points against Toomey by forcing him to vote on a zillion anti-gun measures – including gun bans, magazine limitations, gun owner registration and more.

But the prerequisite to this is for Toomey to join his Republican colleagues in supporting this filibuster – something he has yet to do.

And that is where you come in. Senator Toomey needs to hear from Pennsylvanians from all over the state.

One more thing: CeaseFirePA is planning to protest at Senator Toomey’s office in Philadelphia at 10:30 am on Tuesday. If you or your family or your friends can show up to counter-protest, Sen. Toomey could definitely use your support. Bring signs such as:


  • Ban background checks
  • Universal Gun Registration = Confiscation
  • Criminals Ignore Gun Laws
  • Don’t Criminalize Me
  • Pennsylvanians for Self-Protection
  • No to Big Brother Invasion
  • Protect My Privacy


These are just ideas to get you started. Bring anything else you can think of!

[readon2 url=”″]You can read more about the CeaseFire protest here.[/readon2]

ACTION: Contact Senator Toomey and urge him to support the Paul-Cruz-Lee filibuster and to OPPOSE any move to proceed to a gun control extravaganza (which includes the Feinstein ban) — as that will be regarded as a vote in favor of Feinstein.

You can call Senator Toomey and register your opposition to ALL gun control at 202-224-4254.

[readon2 url=”″]Click here to send Senator Toomey a prewritten email.[/readon2]

Also, please consider counter-protesting CeaseFirePA so that Toomey knows there are more pro-gunners in the Keystone State than there are gun grabbers! Forward this alert to all your pro-gun family and friends, and to all your pro-gun lists!