Gun Control Added To Lawsuit Protection Bill

Gun Control Added To Lawsuit Protection Bill
— Battle to resume on Tuesday

While some gun control passed yesterday in the U.S. Senate, the biggest skirmishes are still to come next week. The battle will be fought over amendments to S. 1805, the gun liability bill which was formerly S. 659.

The Senate will continue debating the bill today and Monday, with votes resuming late Monday night or Tuesday. But one notable provision passed yesterday — a Lock Up Your Safety requirement.

This amendment — offered by anti-gun Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI) — would require all handgun purchasers to pay an implicit “gun tax” by requiring them to buy a trigger lock when they purchase their handgun, irrespective of need. In addition, the amendment would create a broad and implicit cause of action against gun owners who fail to actually use the storage device to lock up their firearms. Of course, a locked gun then becomes unavailable for self-defense.

This gun control measure has opponents of the bill beaming. “Remember, the sponsors of this bill stood up and opposed this amendment,” said Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA). “The president has said he wants a clean bill. This is no longer a clean bill.”

(Senator Boxer offered a Lock Up Your Safety provision of her own which was superceded by the Kohl amendment.)

On Tuesday, the Senate is expected to take up several more amendments including concealed carry reciprocity (for off-duty cops, not other citizens) and an ammunition restriction study which will determine whether the ban on so-called “cop killer” ammunition should include superior performance bullets in popular hunting calibers such as the 30-06.

Most importantly, the Senate is expected to vote on the McCain gun show ban and whether to extend the Clinton semi-auto ban.

It is important the Senate understands that any anti-gun language attached to this bill is completely unacceptable!!!