CO: Temporary Reprieve! H.B. 1230 Committee Hearing Postponed

House Judiciary Committee hearing on

 House Bill 23-1230 Postponed

Patriots, it has been an extremely distressing session for Colorado on multiple fronts.

However, in regard to the House Judiciary Committee hearing on House Bill 23-1230, an egregious ban on commonly held arms that are arbitrarily labeled as “assault weapons,” we got a temporary reprieve to rest, re-equip, and re-organize our forces for the next stage of the political battle.

GOA waited until this late hour to inform you to ensure that no more last minute “special orders” were issued by the Democrats under the cover of darkness. As of right now, the committee hearing for H.B. 23-1230 is not scheduled for next week.

Nevertheless, we need to adhere to our civic duty to be Sentinels of Liberty and be ever vigilant for the next attempt to assail our cherished God-given rights.

The significant losses of freedom in Colorado over the last week brings to mind the immortal words in Thomas Pain’s The Rights of Man:

Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think.

But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, — and all it wants, — is the liberty of appearing. The sun needs no inscription to distinguish him from darkness; and no sooner did the American governments display themselves to the world, than despotism felt a shock and man began to contemplate redress…

We live in an age where the “blessing of liberty” are facing an exceptional assault from every angle. In the blind and vain quest for momentary security, many of our fellow citizens are eagerly trading their God-given right away in exchange for the bonds of serfdom. Ignorance of the importance of defending liberty abounds and the employment of right reason is considered to be less important than inflicting one’s imprudent foreign ideology upon others.

In stark opposition to those unenlightened beliefs, our exceptionally free society was founded on the principle that the individual has an inherent value that is a natural consequence of being made in the image of our Creator.

In support of those ideals, a desperate band of complex personalities set aside their differences to fight with the pen in a manner that has not seen in Colorado for at least two decades. These so-called “obstructionists” engaged in a thirty-hour struggle against the machinations of the socialists and fought them to a standstill, which made them reveal their true nature.

To ram through their diabolical and radical socialist agenda, Democrats repeatedly utilized Rule 14 to squash the principled discourse that the House Republicans were attempting to have regarding SB 23-168, 169, & 170. It seems that the only constituency that matters to Democrats is their misguided supporters. Indeed, based upon the majority of Democrat speeches during the floor debate, the rest of Colorado is merely an inconsequential peasantry, whose only purpose is to provide taxes to supplement their decaying urban fiefdoms.

While we forthrightly empathize with those who have lost loved ones to the tragic and pervasive violent crime that is occurring within Colorado’s urban centers, it is equally unjust to punish law-abiding citizens for the acts of criminals. Moreover, given that firearms are used 57 – 93 times every hour in defense of life, liberty, and property, such unprincipled policies will certainly create more victims. Rather than address the complex root cause of this violence, these misguided people are imprudently using their political power to assault the first law of nature and the tools that defend that essential right.

In humbled defiance of the passage of these infringements, we must take heart and steel ourselves for the battles ahead. The fight is not over, and there are other political actions that require your continued attention. In truth, there is no where left to run. The same evils that afflict Colorado are rearing their sullen faces across the nation. Despite that fact, there is hope and, if we stand united against this threat to liberty, we can restore just government to Colorado!

Esteemed English historian, Paul Johnson, in his authoritative history of the American people, conveys an account that is unique to our collective human saga. A story of an experiment in self-government that was pregnant with the hope that a government could be founded upon timeless truths that encourage human flourishing. Johnson writes:

[T]he creation of the United States of America is the greatest of all human adventures…The great American republican experiment…is still the first, best hope for the human race and will not disappoint an expectant humanity.

Each generation is called to stand in defense of human freedom, so that the “blessings of liberty” shall not be extinguished from the earth. 

The events of the last week have demonstrated that all is not lost and that there is a forthright will to fight within the legislature.

Now, it is up to us to support their efforts by remaining vigilant to ensure that future generations of Coloradoans will have greater liberties than those living in this trying time. So plant your flag and hold the ground!

In the interim, stay strong and be of good courage!