Gunners! Get To Know This Man!

Gun owners, you’ve got to get to know this man, SENATOR JIM DEMINT, and read his book SAVING FREEDOM — he’s one of a kind.

Politicians don’t usually write motivating, intellectually challenging books.  When they attempt to do so, it’s usually some staffer who ghosts it, blending together wads of contemporary politically correct clichés that guarantee meritorious applause from the legislator’s base.  The “author” then dedicates the book to his mother, adds his name to the cover and generously hands out autographed copies at fundraisers.

Close to a century ago, a good friend gave me a book written by a United States Senator from Arizona. It was a dandy —called Conscience of a Conservative.  In it Barry Goldwater detailed how conservatives thought, and how we conservatives must get active.  The book called me and a million others to political action.  Little did I contemplate what impact that book would do to this conservative’s conscience.  
 “Seek political office?  Get active in politics! —Ya gotta be kidding!’  I was the president of a successful graphic advertising firm doing business with the top advertising agencies in the country and what’s more, the financial rewards were most satisfying.  I obviously didn’t have much time for politics. However, I was a conservative and my conscience was bothering me — so for the first time, I volunteered to help in a local congressional race.
 Much to every ones surprise, including my own, a few short years later I was out of the advertising business and into the California Senate — and shortly after that, I organized Gun Owners of America.  That was thirty four years ago.

What we conservatives thought was the politically socialist tilt of  the 1960’s — the Lyndon Johnson administration — was nirvana compared to the hard left plunge we’ve taken into the Obama sea of socialism.  Today it’s a dangerous swim to keep from drowning.

 Senator Jim Demint has written a great book called Saving Freedom.  I believe it will be every bit as popular and effective as Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative.  Senator Demint is a brilliant and articulate statesman.  He is a voluminous reader and a serious student of American history.  He has studied the writings and lives of our constitutional forefathers and understands the logic they used in formulating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Senator Demint has also studied the sad and destructive history of the Socialist/ Communist movement and wants no part of it for America.

Like Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative, I could hardly put Saving Freedom down until I had read every page.  Anyone who reads it will be much better informed and visibly impressed by the quality, knowledge and patriotism of Senator Jim Demint.
Senator Demint’s subtitle is WE CAN STOP AMERICA’S SLIDE INTO SOCIALISM.  In his book, he gives solid and practical advice on what anyone who cares about saving our country can do.  He’s given us an oar.  Buy it now, read it and give it to a friend.