E.J. Dionne

E.J. Dionne: Crazy After All These Years

Just as the liberals’ own biased polling  from CBS News recently showed that only 47% of the American people (a minority) favor gun control, who should now be demanding that the people’s will be done?

Answer: The Washington Post’s E. J. Dionne.

And, no. He doesn’t mean that gun control should be stopped, as even the CBS News poll says the American people want.

It turns out that a variety of liberal polls have consistently been able to use the liberals’ lexicon in order to slant the results on Obama’s proposal to outlaw private firearms transactions between individuals.

And based on this liberal lexicon and biased polling, Dionne is ignoring the majority of the American people who  again, according to the CBS News poll – oppose gun control.

How do we know the polling is biased? Because the polling purports to show that from 74-85% of members of NRA and GOA support Obama’s “universal” registry bill.

So we polled our own members. And so did NRA.

NRA’s scientific survey of its own members found that only 5% support “universal background checks.”

We surveyed more than 25,000 of our own members, and only 4% of our members supported “Obama’s university registry bill,” even when we used Obama’s terminology.

But, whines Dionne, NRA once supported background checks.

FYI, there are a bunch of reasons NRA no longer supports universal background checks. Certainly the most obvious is that all of the concessions it has made to Chuck Schumer on the Brady Law and the 2007-8 Veterans Disarmament Act have produced nothing but more demands for more and more extreme gun control. Any concession they make is nothing but a platform for more attacks on them. We all know what these increasingly shrill demands are about. Adam Lanza (in Connecticut) stole his guns, and James Holmes (in Colorado) and Jared Loughner (in Arizona) passed background checks.

To use Dionne’s own words, Dionne’s “chief concern is not sane public policy.”

In the words of Democratic Congressman Gerald Nadler, it’s about “exploiting” the tragedy for political gain. In the words of Democratic analyst Julian Epstein, it’s about “breaking the back of the gun manufacturers’ lobby.” In the words of former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell, Democrats are “lucky” Newtown was so horrendous.

Again using Dionne’s words, “in a well-functioning democracy,” all three of these men, plus Dionne himself, would be shuffled out of the public arena.

The problem is not with Republicans. They control both Houses and the governship of 24 states. This is roughly twice the number as Democrats. The GOP controls the House of Representatives. And an incumbent president was able to cling to power against a flawed challenger only by 334,000 votes in Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Once incumbent presidents were thought to be impregnable.

The problem, instead, is a cadre of mentally deranged political pundits whom MSNBC regularly allows to engage in their psychotic primal screams at one another without fear of losing their careers.

But the Dionnes of the world should understand this: There are only 45 Republicans in the Senate. The threat to their agenda comes from the “at risk” Democrats in the Senate – the Pryors, Landrieus, Begiches, Baucuses, and Hagans, who realize, correctly, that the D.C. psycho-screamers do not reflect the values of the American people.

And they especially understand that the voters of their states don’t buy into the left-wing anti-gun agenda. That’s why it’s hard to get these Senators to vote anti-gun, for fear they may be looking for a new job come January, 2015!