Why Join GOA

Why join Gun Owners of America…

There is more to joining GOA than just a list of members’ benefits.  The united voice of GOA members has been successful in defeating restrictive legislation designed to disarm our population, and GOA has won much praise on Capitol Hill for its legislative accomplishments.

“Thank you for all of GOA’s help in pushing my amendment to prohibit gun confiscation,” said U.S. Senator David Vitter of Louisiana in 2006.  “It was a huge help, and it was very effective.”

Senator Vitter was talking about GOA’s work to pass legislation protecting gun owners who survive a natural disaster.  After authorities confiscated guns in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, GOA helped pass bills at both the state and federal levels to make sure that such gun confiscation never happens again.

Gun Owners of America also pulled off the greatest gun rights victory in the last 20 years when it defeated the renewal of Senator Diane Feinstein’s ban on dozens and dozens of semi-automatic firearms in 2004.  As stated by one Senate office, “GOA postcards killed the Feinstein ban!”

Another tremendous victory occurred when Gun Owners of America single-handedly killed an expansion of the Brady gun control act in 2006.  GOA was the only Second Amendment group in Washington trying to kill the anti-gun bill.

But thousands upon thousands of GOA members contacted Capitol Hill, leading one office to exclaim, “Oh s--t!  We got a lot of postcards and emails from GOA members.”  Thanks to the tidal wave of grassroots opposition from GOA, legislators decided they didn’t want to touch this “hot potato,” and the Brady expansion died.

GOA has helped get strong, constitutional judges both appointed and confirmed to the federal bench.  And with your help, GOA will continue to successfully defend the rights of gun owners in the courts.