Suicide Prevention Walk Organizers Deny Participation to Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action

Organizers of a suicide prevention walk planned for this Saturday in San Diego are denying participation to the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Jessica van der Stad said Moms Demand Action’s “legislative stance related to guns is inconsistent with our efforts” and the area foundation’s chair told the Brady Campaign they cannot use the event to promote themselves.

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According to the Voice of San Diego, Van der Stad spoke up after Moms Demand attempted to secure a booth at the suicide prevention walk. She said, “As a suicide prevention organization, we are not in the business of saying who can and cannot own firearms. We are in the business of saving lives.” Foundation chair Che Hernandez informed the Brady Campaign that they could not promote themselves after the gun control said they planned to participate in the walk while wearing their “standard” gun control t-shirts.

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