Title Created Date
Say NO to Those who Want to Tax Your Gun Rights in New Hampshire 15 January 2016
Two Great Bills to Repeal Gun Control in Indiana 15 January 2016
Virginia Democrats Wage War on Concealed Carry Holders 23 December 2015
Constitutional Carry Could Come up for Veto Override 14 September 2015
Constitutional Carry for Vehicles on the Move Again! 11 August 2015
Urge Gov. LePage to Sign Constitutional Carry into Law! 07 July 2015
Contact Gov. Hassan One Last Time! -- Constitutional Carry will be on her desk today or tomorrow 29 June 2015
Will This be the End of the Waiting Period? 15 June 2015
Constitutional Carry is One Step Closer to Becoming Law! 03 June 2015
Take the Next Step to Strengthening Second Amendment in Alabama 02 June 2015
Will Ohio Become the next Constitutional Carry State? 12 May 2015
Constitutional Carry Will Soon be on its Way to the Governor! -- Time to begin pressing Hassan to sign the bill 30 April 2015
Constitutional Carry in Vehicles on the Move in Alabama! 17 April 2015
Maine Gun Owners Must Redouble Their Efforts on Constitutional Carry! 16 April 2015
Oregon Ban on Private Gun Sales Passes Senate -- Battle now moves to the House 15 April 2015
Bill to Block Federal Gun Control Going to the Governor! -- Urge Gov. Haslam to sign the bill into law 14 April 2015
Tell Your State Senator and Delegate to Override the Anti-gun Zealot in the Governor’s Mansion 13 April 2015
How Many Times Will Jeff Flake Stab Gun Owners in the Back? -- One time? Or four? 08 April 2015
How Many Times Will Orrin Hatch Stab Gun Owners in the Back? -- One time? Or four? 08 April 2015
McCain on Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch: “No Republican should vote for her confirmation” 08 April 2015
Bloomberg Tries to Buy Oregon and Expand his Gun Control Web 31 March 2015
Constitutional Carry Passes Both Chambers of the Kansas State Legislature! 26 March 2015
Billionaire Bloomberg Still Trying to Buy Vermont 24 March 2015
Will Tennessee Enforce Obama’s Unconstitutional Gun Control? 23 March 2015
Will South Carolina Peel Back Onerous Gun Control Restrictions? 20 March 2015

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