Armed Woman Opens Fire, Turns Tables on Carjacking Suspect

A female passenger turned the tables on an alleged carjacker when she exited her vehicle at a traffic light, pulled a handgun, and opened fire.

The incident occurred in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania, on Friday morning.

According to ABC 27, authorities say 45-year-old Michael Ortiz tried to rob a Walmart just before noon. Security personnel chased him from the store and into the parking lot, where he allegedly “entered a woman’s car” and told her to follow his instructions or he would give her HIV. No details were released as to whether he was or was not carrying a syringe.

There was a female passenger in the car as well. And when the driver stopped for “a red light at the intersection of Grayson and Mushroom Hill Road… the female passenger exited the car, pulled her handgun, and demanded that Ortiz get out.” He got out and tried to take away her gun, so she shot at him, forcing him to flee the scene.

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