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Five-Year-Old Girl Suspended After Making ‘Shooting Motion’ with Stick Shaped Like Gun Written by AWR Hawkins
Despite Stringent Gun Control, One ‘Child or Youth’ Shot Every Day in Ontario Written by AWR Hawkins
Joe Manchin Gun Control Trump Written by AWR Hawkins
Neil Gorsuch: Bill of Rights Added Because Founding Fathers Were ‘Jealous of Their Liberties’ Written by AWR Hawkins
That Seattle “gun violence tax” didn’t really pan out as predicted Written by Jazz Shaw
Constitutional Carry Signed in ND Written by AWR Hawkins
Pre-Schooler Suspended Seven Days for Bringing Empty .22 Shell Casing to School Written by AWR Hawkins
GOA Supreme Court Victory Written by Jeremiah Morgan
Fake News: WaPo — Congress Makes It Easier for ‘Mentally Incompetent’ Vets to Carry Guns Written by AWR Hawkins
“Qualified Immunity” Protects Summary Execution by Cop in Florida Written by Liberty News Daily
Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings: Sen. Feinstein Probes for Any Chance of More Gun Control Written by AWR Hawkins
New Mexico Lawmakers Shoot Down Ban on Private Gun Sales Written by USNews
Anti-gun zealots trying to bully Nevada AG Laxalt Written by Robert Uithoven
New Mexico Lawmakers Reject Bloomberg-Endorsed Ban on Private Gun Sales Written by AWR Hawkins
Should “Originalist” Judges be banned from The Supreme Court? Written by Liberty News Daily
ANPAM. Scientific study: link between the ownership of firearms and the number of homicides Written by All4Shooters
Australia Takes Aim at Guns, Again, After Confiscation Scheme Fails to Disarm Criminals Written by AWR Hawkins
Concealed Carry Up Nearly 50 Percent in One Year in Gun-Controlled Chicago Written by AWR Hawkins
Why We Carry: 23-Year-Old Nurse Stabbed To Death In Home Invasion Written by G. Halek
AG Derek Schmidt: U.S. AG Sessions to Review Kansas Second-Amendment Case Written by Duncan Johnson

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