Recent News Releases

2/16/18: GOA's Erich Pratt Debates CNN Host on Florida Shooting

2/15/18: Gun Owners of America Statement on Florida Shooting 

2/6/18: Pro-Gunners Vastly Outnumber Anti-Gunners on ATF Bump Stock Comments

1/30/18: GOA’s State of the Second Amendment

1/23/18: Former ATF Chief Reiterates GOA’s Warning on Regulating Bump Stocks

12/20/17: Year in Review: GOA Announces Top Ten in 2017 

12/6/17: STATEMENT: Congress Should Pass Constitutional Reciprocity, Not the Traffic Ticket Gun Ban

11/30/17: STATEMENT: GOA Applauds Passage of H.R. 38, Condemns H.R. 4477

11/16/17: GOA Sends Open Letter to GOP to “Do Something” on Pro-Gun Bills

11/6/17: GOA: In the Midst of Tragedy, Gun Control Fails as an Armed Citizen Prevails 

10/13/17: GOA to Paul Ryan: A Ban on Bump Stocks is a Ban on Magazines, Other Features

10/5/17: GOA Opposes Ban on Bump Stocks