H.R. 770 -

This bill would establish a "Border Enforcement Security Task Force."

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H.R. 645 -

This bill would repeal the D.C. gun ban. It would prohibit D.C. from adopting new anti-gun laws. It would: (1) turn the semiauto ban into a full auto ban; (2) repeal registration requirements and ammunition bans; (3) specifically reiterate the Supreme Court's guarantee of the right to defend your home, although it would not allow concealed carry and would broadly authorize D.C. to prohibit guns in "sensitive" public places.

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H.R. 591 -

This is the gun show ban. It would provide for comprehensive and open-ended regulation and inspection of gun shows. But, more importantly, it would create a two-year prison sentence for any gun show sponsor who failed to notify EVERY attendee of his responsibilities under the Brady Law. No sane person would sponsor a gun show under these circumstances. In addition, the bill would significantly increase criminal sentences for recordkeeping violations by FFL's or for Brady Law violations.

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H.R. 615 -

This bill would allow curios and relics to be imported into the U.S. without the approval of the Department of State or the Department of Defense.

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H.R. 505 -

This bill would create a new class of "prohibited persons" consisting of persons convicted of a "misdemeanor sex offense against a minor." It is hard to imagine what sex crime against a minor would be so insignificant that it would be classified as a misdemeanor, but the most likely example would be, in some states, kid-on-kid sex.

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