"GOA is even worse than bad." 
- Former. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada 

"I want to thank Gun Owners of America for their strong support of my amendment to protect the privacy of gun owners." 
- Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky

"I applaud GOA for pushing constitutional carry in the states and concealed carry reciprocity around the country"
- Former Rep. Marlin Stutzman

"The real gun lobby in Washington is GOA."
- Former Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma

"GOA is the most effective national grassroots lobbying organization at mobilizing gun owners from all across America, uniting them into a single powerful voice that politicians in Washington dare not ignore"
- Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana

"I’m proud to ask you to join the work of Gun Owners of America, because we cannot have enough NO COMPROMISE pro-gun groups in Washington"
- David Clarke

"The best Second Amendment defense organization in the country is Gun Owners of America."
- Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WorldNetDaily.com

"I support Gun Owners of America, which is a consistent and uncompromising defender of the Second Amendment, not a weak little girl of an organization protecting itself while throwing everyone else under the bus."
- Erick Erickson

"Gun Owners of America showed with one email alert that it could help flood the phone lines on Capitol Hill days before the Senate vote.”
- National Public Radio, December 26, 2013





"Gun Owners of America offered unwavering support for my campaign. Their commitment meant the world to me." 
- Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Fourth District






"As a fierce defender of the second amendment, Gun Owners of America provided invaluable support as we worked to bring a new generation of leadership to Washington, D.C." 
- Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado

"Gun Owners of America put their money where their mouth is. They were the only gun lobby to run tv commercials during the campaign. As a proud defender of the 2nd Amendment, support from Gun Owners of American means everything to me."

- Rep. Alex Mooney, West Virginia Third District

“GOA was the first national organization to support my campaign over a year and a half before Election Day. Now I have the pleasure working with them in Washington fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights. I want to give a big thanks again to GOA and encourage you to join GOA today.”

- Rep. Jody Hice, Georgia Tenth District

“I urge you to join GOA, your membership will help them continue the incredible work they do both on the campaign trail and in Washington."
- Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, Tennessee Fourth District

"Let me reiterate, once more, my deep appreciation for the tremendous job being done by Gun Owners of America in the battle to defend America's right to keep and bear arms. There is no question that without GOA, American gun rights would be in even greater peril today."

- Sen. Jesse Helms, North Carolina

"I hope you will work with Gun Owners of America to make sure that your voice is heard in Washington."

-Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas

"Gun Owners of America is the pit bull of the Second Amendment. They are relentless and never give any ground whatsoever to the gun grabbers."

- Rep. John Hostettler, Indiana

"It's been a long time since someone has been on the side of those who believe in the right to own a gun. I support GOA and urge all gun owners to join in their efforts."

- John Milius Producer, Movie "Red Dawn"

"I commend GOA members for their staunch support of the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens."

- Rep. Virgil Goode, Virginia

"The GOA's e-mail and fax grassroots network has become extremely effective. GOA was the most important organization behind the failure in the last two Congresses of Senator Orrin Hatch's [gun control] bill to federalize much of the juvenile justice system."

- Dave Kopel National Review online

"GOA is the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington."

- Rep. Ron Paul, Texas

"Be a real American Warrior for gun rights & freedom. Join GOA & sign up as many members as you can."

- Ted Nugent Rock star

"Gun Owners of America is considered the most aggressive pro-gun lobbying organization."

- Roll Call the newspaper of record on Capitol Hill

October 10, 2013


President Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Obama:

We write to express our concern and regret at your decision to sign the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty. For the following reasons, we cannot give our advice and consent to this treaty:

First, the treaty was adopted by a procedure which violates a red line laid down by your own administration. In October 2009, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the U.S. supported the negotiation of the treaty only by “the rule of consensus decision-making.” But in April 2013, after the treaty failed to achieve consensus, it was adopted by majority vote in the U.N. General Assembly. We fear that this capitulation has done grave damage to the diplomatic credibility of the United States.

Second, the treaty allows amendments by a three-quarters majority vote. As the treaty is amended, it will become a source of political and legal pressure on the U.S. to comply in practice with amendments it was unwilling to accept. This would circumvent the power and duty of the Senate to provide its advice and consent on treaty commitments before they are assumed by the United States.

Third, the treaty includes only a weak preambular reference to the lawful ownership and use of, and trade in firearms, and recognizes none of these activities, or individual self-defense, as fundamental individual rights. It creates a national “responsibility” to “prevent . . . [the] diversion” of firearms, a requirement that could justify the imposition of controls within the U.S. that would pose a threat to the Second Amendment and infringe on the rights protected therein.

Fourth, the State Department has acknowledged that the treaty is “ambiguous.” By becoming party to the treaty, the U.S. would therefore be accepting commitments that are inherently unclear. The Senate cannot effectively provide advice on an ambiguous treaty, and it should never provide its consent to such a treaty.

Fifth, the criteria at the heart of the treaty are vague and easily politicized. They will restrict the ability of the U.S. to conduct our own foreign policy, and will steadily subject the U.S. to the influence of internationally-defined norms, a process that would impinge on our national sovereignty. We believe that treaties which allow foreign sources of authority to impose judgment or control upon the US, as this one does, violate the right of the American people, under the Constitution, to freely govern themselves.

Sixth, the State Department has acknowledged that “specific . . . country concerns, including Taiwan, China, and the Middle East, create challenges for establishing [treaty] criteria that can be applied without exception and fit U.S. national security interests. These concerns would make Senate ratification difficult.” We are indeed deeply concerned that the treaty criteria as established could hinder the United States in fulfilling its strategic, legal, and moral commitments to provide arms to key allies such as the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the State of Israel.

We urge you to notify the treaty depository that the U.S. does not intend to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty, and is therefore not bound by its obligations. As members of the Senate, we pledge to oppose the ratification of this treaty, and we give notice that we do not regard the U.S. as bound to uphold its object and purpose.

We appreciate your consideration on this issue and look forward to your response.


The poll questions are on the right side of this page.  Please note that when you make your selection, the circle will turn white.  (Your non-selection will remain dark.)

Once you’ve selected your answer, you can view the RESULTS by scrolling to the bottom of the GOA home page.

GOA will be sending the results to the Governor’s office.

Eric T. Schneiderman, Esquire
New York State Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224-0341

Dear Mr. Schneiderman:

As explained below, it has recently been brought to light that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be commingling government resources with those of the nonprofit organizations he controls.  Moreover, he may have used government funds to pursue his personal political agenda.  We would urge your office to investigate this matter to determine if any laws have been violated, and if any action on your part is warranted.

On June 21, 2013, the blog “Ace of Spades” reported that the website for Mayor Bloomberg’s main organization “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” was “resolving at a New York City government IP address.”

By the evening of the same day, Politico ran a story that “the group’s website is registered to, and handled by, official city government servers and staffers.” Politico accused Mayor Bloomberg of “at minimum ... blurring the lines between government resources” and his own.  Id.  Politico reports that, “in the past six months [Mayor Bloomberg’s group] has spent more than $14 million dollars” to promote anti-gun politicians across the country.  Id.

The website www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org lists the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications as its registrant, giving the email address of Chris Long -- Director, Web Operations & Strategy -- as the administrative contact --The phone number contact is for Dan Srebnick, listed as the Department’s Associate Commissioner and Chief Information Security Officer. The website is even hosted by New York City government servers, as all domains end with “NYC.GOV.” The IP address for the website is registered to “The City of New York.”

Listed on the Board of Directors for the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund (as an organization exempt from federal income taxes under IRC § 501(c)(4)) is Arkadi Gerney, who was listed on the group’s IRS Form 990s while he was the Special Advisor to the Mayor and First Deputy Criminal Justice Coordinator at City of New York.

Listed on the Board of Directors  for United Against Illegal Guns (as an organization exempt from federal income taxes under IRC § 501(c)(3)) is John Feinblatt, the Chief Advisor to the Mayor for Policy and Strategic Planning and Criminal Justice Coordinator,  and Ed Skyler, who was listed on the group’s IRS Form 990s while he was Deputy Mayor for Operations for New York City.

In addition to the issues above, there are numerous other websites that are involved with Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun campaign:









Each of these websites is “cloaked,” meaning it is registered by proxy, and the true registrar and owner of the website cannot be determined.

Based on the facts outlined above, it appears possible that Mayor Bloomberg has been using public resources and city employees to further the agendas of his IRC §§ 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) organizations, to promote his nationwide anti-gun political agenda.

It is necessary that your office investigate these matters, to determine if there have been any such misappropriations, if any laws of the State of New York have been violated, and if any legal action or prosecution is warranted, particularly under the following statutes:

·  N.Y. PBO. LAW § 73-b  states that “No person shall knowingly use the funds of the state, a political subdivision thereof or public authority to pay for or produce, in whole or in part, any advertisement or promotion that is prohibited by paragraph (a) of this subdivision.”

· New York Penal Code § 195.00, entitled “Official Misconduct,” states that “[a] public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit ... He commits an act relating to his office but constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act is unauthorized ... Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.”

There may be other statutes as well that deal with the misappropriation of government funds or misuse of government resources.

Additionally, it appears that Mayors Against Illegal Guns, although incorporated in Delaware, has not obtained the authority to do business in the state of New York.  However, the organization appears to have engaged in business in the state.  For example, the organization has held meetings there and the business address as well as the mailing address to send donations is in New York.

We would urge your office to investigate the matters above, due to the strong possibility that the residents of New York City have been involuntarily paying to further Mayor Bloomberg’s personal, radical political agenda.


Sincerely yours,

Larry D. Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America, Inc.


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman
Gun Owners of America





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