Gabby Giffords Changes Name of Gun Control Group, Hoping to Gain Traction

Gabby Giffords is changing the name of her gun control group in hopes of gaining traction after years of pushing unsuccessfully for new restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Her group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, is changing its name to Giffords. The new name is part of a larger intention of breaking free from the group’s failure to place further restrictions on the Second Amendment.

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According to the Washington Post, the name change is supposed to communicate “courage.” Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, said:

It is about the courage of single individuals, but also the courage of members of Congress and state legislators to stand up to the gun lobby and focus on this like they never have before. If we don’t have the courage to talk about this … we’re going to have another Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, another shooting like we saw in Vegas.

Giffords admitted any successful push for Second Amendment restrictions will be “a long, hard haul,” yet she expressed optimism that the gun control lobby can eventually secure limitations on Second Amendment rights.

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