Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2: A Gun in Every Home, Built in Every Kitchen

On October 3, 2016, Breitbart News tweeted a video of the Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2 finishing the lower receiver of an AR-15. The video was a way of showing how technology and shared information enable Americans to build a gun their kitchen.

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson was there with the machine, watching it work and explaining how it was designed to take an 80 percent lower and finish it so as to prepare it for assembly.

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Well, that was then, and it represented but a fraction of what an American can do with a Ghost Gunner 2 now. Since that time, Defense Distributed has added hardened spindles to their CNC machines and created new programs that allow the completion of 80 percent 1911 frames and more. The ability to build pistols is a testimony to the level of precision achievable with the Ghost Gunner 2.

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