Alleged Intruder Targets Councilman’s Home for a Second Time, Is Greeted with Gun

An alleged intruder returned to Fresno Councilman Luis Chavez’s (D) home for the second time in five days and fled after being greeted by Chavez holding a gun.

The incident occurred Sunday around 8 pm.

According to The Fresno Bee, Chavez and his wife were on vacation when the suspect struck for the first time last week. The alarm company contacted Chavez to alert him to the break-in, as did the “tenant who rents a unit at the rear of the Huntington Boulevard property.”

The tenant told Chevaz the suspected intruder tried unsuccessfully to get into the guest house and ended up going into the main home. Chavez said the suspect got “an old watch, change and some nick-knacks, [but] nothing big,”

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Sunday night at 8 pm Chavez was watching TV when he noticed the suspect had returned and was allegedly looking through the window. Chavez said, “As I went to grab my gun, he goes to the house at the back of the property. I raised up the back window, pointed my gun at him and asked him, ‘What the (expletive) are you doing on my property?’” The suspect responded by saying he was searching for a certain address. Chavez responded by heading out the door to confront the suspect, but the suspect fled.

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