Atlanta Police Beg NCAA Football Fans Not to Have Legally-Owned Guns in Cars During Championship

The Atlanta Police Department is begging fans who will attend the NCAA football championship to forgo having legally-owned guns in their cars for self-defense.

On January 4, the AP quoted Atlanta police chief Erika Shields entreating fans to “Please, please execute the highest regard and greatest level of common sense. We CANNOT have folks continuing to bring guns and leaving them in their cars.”

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms suggested fans should come and enjoy the game while trusting law enforcement to keep them safe.

Jerry Henry, executive director the gun rights organization Georgia Carry, reacted to Chief Shields and Mayor Bottoms’ statements by telling Breitbart News, “Saying please don’t leave your guns in your cars is all the Atlanta Police Department and the mayor can legally do to law-abiding citizens who refuse to travel without their legally owned guns. It is not against the law for anyone who is not prohibited from owning a gun to have it in their vehicle.”

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