Montana Could be the Thirteenth Permitless Carry State!

Click on the Take Action button to urge your state Senator to support Permitless Carry (HB 262)!


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Your Activism is Needed to Make Montana the Next Permitless Carry State

Dear Friend,

Please act immediately. Your gun rights are at stake!

Rep. Bill Harris (R) has introduced HB 262, which would make Montana a full-fledged Permitless Carry state.

This bill has now passed out of the House and will receive a hearing in the Senate tomorrow (Wednesday).

Gun grabbers are losing their minds.

Permitless carry is currently the law in most of Big Sky Country.  

But if this bill becomes law, you won't need a permission slip to defend your life anywhere in the state (including cities such as Billings or Missoula).

If this bill becomes law, innocent people can't be arrested for having a constitutional right without proper permission slips.

That's why foaming-at-the-mouth gun grabbers are going to threaten any legislator who co-sponsors it!

We can't let them kill this bill.

Please take just 60 seconds to go here right now to send a pre-written letter to your state senator.

In just seconds, you can urge your senator to slap those gun grabbers in the face, by demanding a roll call vote on HB 262!

Don't let gun grabbers take away your rights and run Montana like they own it.

Please, take just 60 seconds to go here and contact your state Senator.  

Let’s hand gun grabbers a crushing defeat, and help make Montana a Permitless Carry state!

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director

P.S. HB 262 would make Montana a Permitless Carry state. Please go here and urge your state Senator to support this bill.