Title Author
Why Congress is the Key to Protecting Gun Rights in 2016 Written by Jordan Stein
Gun Owners: Get Out and Vote! Written by Autumn Price
Support for Handgun Ban Down 13 Percent Written by AWR Hawkins
Bundy Brothers acquitted, lawyer tackled in court Written by CBS News
Leaked Email: ‘If She Wins, Hillary Will Own The Supreme Court for the Next 30 to 40 Years’ Written by Melissa Dykes
Oregon Standoff Leaders Acquitted For Malheur Wildlife Refuge Takeover Written by Huffington Post
The Shootout At The O.K. Corral & Gun-Free Zones Written by Amelia Hamilton
Clinton's Constitutional Contempt Written by Jacob Sullum
Clinton Would Ban ‘Some of the Most Popular’ Firearms Written by AWR Hawkins
Gun running investigation yields 19 arrests Written by Jennifer Cruz
No October Surprise: Gun-Controlled Chicago Exceeds 600 Homicides Written by AWR Hawkins
5 Ways the Next Congress Can Protect Gun Rights Written by Dave Brat
Clinton Says Court’s Heller Decision Endangers Toddlers Written by AWR Hawkins
Clinton Does Not Support the 2nd Amendment Written by AWR Hawkins
VIDEO: Voter Fraud Tactics In Part 2 Of James O’Keefe’s Bombshell Investigation Written by Jim Jamitis
WikiLeaks: Clinton Feared ‘Blowback’ for Gun Control Written by AWR Hawkins
Weld doesn’t seem to know what reciprocity is Written by Tré Goins-Phillips
Politician calls Government “Domestic Terrorist Agencies” Written by Tim Brown
Judge Tosses Lawsuit against Gun Manufacturers! Written by William Stauff
Clinton Has Gun-Makers In Her Cross Hairs Written by Jack Davis

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