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GOA Recommends Brooks, Moore for Alabama Senate Written by Gun Owners of America
Concealed Carry At Texas Community Colleges Started Today Written by Brandon Curtis, Concealed Nation
ICYMI: Facebook Live -- Legislative Update on Concealed Carry Reciprocity Written by Gun Owners of America
DC Circuit Court Rules “Good Reason” Carry Requirement Unconstitutional Written by Gun Owners of America
Seven of the Most Expensive Guns in the World Written by AWR Hawkins
Do Guns Kill People? Watch this 🔴 LIVE feed for yourself… Written by Gun Owners of America
The Irony: Anti-Gun Activist Shot Dead In Chicago Violence Written by John Boch
Women’s March Surrounded by Armed Guards As They Protest Gun Rights Written by AWR Hawkins
AI Video Gun Detection: Is ShotSpotter About to Be Obsolete? Written by Robert Farago
Washington Post: Citizens are Armed to Stave Off Attack from Standing Army Written by AWR Hawkins
How Are You Under Stress? Written by Robert Farago
Flashback: Chicago’s Murder Rate Was Even Higher During Handgun Ban Written by AWR Hawkins
Attorney for Serial Deportee Accused of Killing Kathy Steinle: It’s the Gun’s Fault Written by AWR Hawkins
Gun Control Fail: Baltimore’s Murder Rate ‘More Than Doubles Chicago’s’ Written by AWR Hawkins
What Gun Regulations Need to be Repealed or Replaced? Written by Dan Zimmerman
Public schools hold civic duty to boost firearm training Written by Laura Carno
Stanford law prof gets it wrong on guns -- right-to-carry reduces crime, not the other way around Written by John R. Lott
Wisconsin lawmakers want gun safety classes in schools Written by Chris Eger
District Judge Tosses Professors’ Lawsuit Against Campus Carry Written by AWR Hawkins
Professor: Anti-Campus Carry Arguments Not ‘Based on Logic, History, or Verified Facts’ Written by AWR Hawkins

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