Title Author
Wyoming Gaining the Millions of Dollars Colorado Traded for Gun Control Written by AWR Hawkins
Ha! Bloomberg Blew $20 Million On Unenforceable Nevada BG Check Bill Written by Bob Owens
Dial 911 – and Be Ignored Written by Liberty News Daily
Nevada's Universal Background Checks law gets blocked Written by Mark Robinson
Gun-Controlled Chicago Fast-Approaching 800 Homicides for 2016 Written by AWR Hawkins
Governor Abbott: Arms Trade Treaty Could Allow UN to Regulate Guns in U.S. Written by AWR Hawkins
Delaware Judge Holds State Constitution Does Not Apply in State Parks, Forests Written by Dean Weingarten
Gun-Owning Leftists Are a Good Thing; Here’s Why Written by Joe Scudder
Ohio State Car, Knife Attack Spawns Campus Carry Legislation in South Carolina Written by AWR Hawkins
UC Student Body President Opposes Campus Carry Because of ‘Stabbings’ Written by AWR Hawkins
Obama Administration Finalizes Social Security Gun Ban Written by AWR Hawkins
Kasich Signs GOA-Backed Bill Legalizing Campus Carry Written by AWR Hawkins
Audit of Everytown’s Claimed 200+ School Shootings Since Sandy Hook Written by Bob Owens
House Republicans launch Second Amendment Caucus Written by Chris Eger
NY Tells Pistol Permit Holders to Re-Certify, Has No Re-Certification Process in Place Written by AWR Hawkins
Bureau of Justice Statistics: As Gun Ownership Nearly Doubled, Violent Crime Fell 77 Percent Written by AWR Hawkins
Obama sends UN Arms Trade Treaty to the Senate Written by Chris Eger
Five Actions President Trump Can Take to Save 2nd Amendment Written by AWR Hawkins
CDC: Heroin Deaths Surpassed Firearm-Related Homicides in 2015 Written by AWR Hawkins
Liberty University Unveils Plan for Outdoor Shooting Complex Written by Tanner Ray

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