Title Author
Six Wounded, Two Seriously, as Gunfire Erupts at Chicago Memorial for Gun Victims Written by AWR Hawkins
Constitutional Carry Marches On Written by Charles C. W. Cooke
Congress should rescind Social Security regulation that violates civil rights of those with disabilities Written by Samantha Crane, Dara Baldwin, and Josh Blackman
California Gun Owners Are Already Subverting the State’s Expanded Assault Weapons Ban Written by Alex Yablon
The New York Times’ Bogus Crime Data about Concealed-Handgun Permit Holders Written by John R. Lott
Ohio Colleges Demand Students Remain Defenseless Despite Campus Carry Law Written by AWR Hawkins
The Time has Come: Repeal the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 Written by Justin O Smith
Seventh Circuit strikes down Chicago restrictions on gun ranges Written by Ed Morrissey
Seventh Circuit strikes down Chicago restrictions on gun ranges Written by Ed Morrissey
LA Times: ‘Silly’ to Allow Law-Abiding College Students To Be Armed for Self-Defense Written by AWR Hawkins
FAKE NEWS: CNN Claims GOP Trying to Remove ‘$200,000 Tax’ on Firearm Suppressors Written by AWR Hawkins
Iowa Senators Push Constitutional Amendment Blocking Gun Control Written by AWR Hawkins
Washington State Democrats Seek Bans on Semiautomatic Rifles, Pistols Written by AWR Hawkins
Czech Interior Minister Pushes for Constitutional Change to Protect Citizens Using Guns against Muslim Terrorists Written by Tim Brown
Armed Citizen Intervenes, Kills Suspect Beating AZ State Trooper on Roadside Written by AWR Hawkins
New Hampshire : Constitutional Carry Legislative Update Jan. 2017 Written by Alan Rice
Pew Survey: Police Support Gun Rights over Gun Control by 3 to 1 Margin Written by AWR Hawkins
Picture Of A Paintball Gun Causes College Dorm To Be Evacuated Written by Staff Writer 10
Washington Attorney General Proposes Strict Bans On All “Assault Weapons” Written by Staff Writer 10
Washington Post Misrepresented YouTube Video Showcasing .22 LR Rifle Suppressors Written by Sean Davis

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