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1 IGNORE THE TINKER BELLS: Stop Rape Culture. Get a Gun 10/04/2014 Rob Morse 425
2 Governor OKs temporary gun seizures from people judged to be a danger 10/03/2014 Patrick McGreevy 522
3 State Anti-Gun Laws Continue to be Struck Down in the Courts 10/02/2014 Greg Campbell 511
4 Court denies DOJ request to keep Fast and Furious list hidden…Two days later, Holder heads for the door 09/26/2014 Ben Bullard 591
5 [Video] Walgreens Pharmacist Gets Fired After Using His Concealed Handgun to Fight Off Armed Robbers 09/22/2014 Dan Cannon 647
6 Smokey is the Bandit: Concealed Carrier Kills Carjacker Posing As a Cop in Texas 09/18/2014 Bob Ownes 706
7 Get Ready For A Shift In The Gun Control Narrative: Scary-Looking Guns Are Out; Handguns Are In 09/16/2014 Ben Bullard 650
8 Dad Was Home With His 4-Year-Old Daughter When the Doorbell Rang. Before He Could Answer It, He Realized Something Was Very Wrong 09/08/2014 Jason Howerton 170
9 Albion Gun Shop Records Taken, Gun Owner Arrested, as SAFE Act Enforcement Barrels Down 09/02/2014 Gia Arnold 999
10 Maryland Sheriff to Feds: Try and Take Our Guns, and You’ll Get a Civil War! 08/30/2014 News 21 1195
11 WaPo: Every 'Mass Shooter' Since Jan. 2009 Could Pass NICS Bckground Check 08/29/2014 Awr Hawkins 729
12 New York “Gun Offender” Registry Exposes Hypocrisy Of Gun Control 08/26/2014 Bluegrass Bruce 386
13 Self-Defense is a Religious Obligation 08/22/2014 Rabbi Aryeh Spero 238
14 Gun-grabber Bloomberg's epic fail in Milwaukee 08/20/2014 David Clarke 204
15 Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police 08/14/2014 Sen. Rand Paul 607
16 Bloomberg biggest loser in Milwaukee County sheriff's race as David Clarke wins 08/13/2014 Joe Newby 596
17 Federal judge upholds Maryland’s ban on ARs; Calls them ‘dangerous and unusual’ 08/13/2014 Chris Eger 728
18 Gun stores see sales spike in wake of Ferguson riots 08/12/2014 Vince Brennan 241
19 Red State Democrats Running From Their Gun Control Votes 08/11/2014 AWR Hawkins 244
20 Carrying a gun way worse than beating your wife: Column 08/10/2014 Glenn Harlan Reynolds 263
21 Fourth Grader in Georgia Suspended Three Days For Bringing Nerf Gun to Show and Tell 08/06/2014 Dan Cannon 221
22 Sheriffs again join suit vs. gun laws 08/05/2014 Robert Boczkiewicz 922
23 Here Comes the Next Big Supreme Court Gun-Rights Case 08/04/2014 Paul M. Barrett 1154
24 Can Congress Make It Harder for Abusive Dating Partners and Stalkers to Get Guns? 08/04/2014 Rodrigo Sermeno 770
25 The View: 'Get a Gun' To Protect Yourself and Your Children 07/30/2014 Awr Hawkins 797
26 Rallying Around Joe Carr, Our Conservative Star 07/30/2014 Lloyd Marcus 653
27 Report: Department Of Justice, Homeland Security Must Go On Offensive Against Growing Right-Wing Threat 07/30/2014 Sam Rolley 845
28 BREAKING: DC’s Ban on Right To Carry Overturned 07/26/2014 Dan Zimmerman 197
29 Four Students Robbed at Gunpoint on Gun-Free Campus in Ohio 07/25/2014 Awr Hawkins 644
30 Another Restaurant with a "Guns Welcome" Sign at the Entrance 07/23/2014 Philip Hodges 853
31 Meanwhile, in the Gun Control Capital of Chicago, At Least 40 People Shot, 4 Killed This Weekend 07/23/2014 Dan Cannon 797
32 Pratt's position on 2nd Amd and politicians' fear is only morally defensible one 07/22/2014 Examiner 636
33 Right to arms isn't only freedom 'progressives' want to eviscerate 07/18/2014 David Codrea 1062
34 Murder rate drops as concealed carry permits rise, study claims 07/11/2014 Fox News 850
35 Everytown and Moms Demand Want to Restrict Magazine Size 07/11/2014 Charles C. W. Cooke 971
36 A Real Life Minority Report: Politicians Call For Preemptive Gun Seizures 07/11/2014 Bob Owens 785
37 See the Hunting Pictures a Texas Cheerleader Posted on Facebook That Have Some Calling Her ‘Scum’ and Demanding They Be Removed 07/07/2014 Liz Klimas 773
38 BREAKING: New Allegations Point to Cochran Campaign in Mississippi Senate Vote Buying Scandal 07/03/2014 Aaron Gardner 783
39 July 1 big day for gun owners; Gun rights expanding in several states (VIDEO) 07/03/2014 Jennifer Cruz 851
40 Making up facts about guns 06/19/2014 Dr. John R. Lott Jr. 1154
41 Open Carry Proposal 06/09/2014 Gun Owners 1224
42 Memo to gun-control advocates: Even Elliot Rodger believed guns would have deterred him 06/06/2014 Dr. John R. Lott Jr. 1523
43 Was Elliot Rodger on anti-depressants? 05/27/2014 Thomas Lifson 1246
44 I Lived A Completely Gun-Free Life — Until Now 05/23/2014 Rachel Lu 1821
45 Sarah Palin: An AR-15 is a Great Gift for Those You Love 05/23/2014 Awr Hawkins 1204
46 ATF retirement highlights questionable assignments under Jones, source claims 05/22/2014 David Codrea 826
47 Eric Holder Guns Down Gun Owners and Journalists 05/16/2014 Katie Kieffer 1167
48 When Governments Fail 05/15/2014 Nicki Kenyon 956
49 ‘We Already Do That!’: MRCTV’s Dan Joseph Demolishes the Left’s ‘Gun Show Loophole’ Myth 05/15/2014 Jason Howerton 1188
50 SAF’s Alan Gottleib on Background Checks: Let’s Make a Deal! 05/12/2014 Robert Farago 920

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